About Us

JCS is a Professional Administrative Strategic Consultancy Services with the goal of development systematic structure at all levels from top management to the lower level - entrench global standards in the delivery of services in Financial Management, Administration and Human Resources Management, Training and Investment Portfolio, we offer our clients a faculty of experienced professionals who have distinguished themselves on the job, and are duly certified by accrediting bodies around the globe. We can also assist in diagnosing and prescribing medications for weaknesses and loopholes observed or inherent in the systems.





To Lead with new idea, initiatives, creativity, innovation, growth and development for customer satisfaction..


To provide a professional strategic consultancy services with the highest level of competency, determination and result oriented.


  • S- SERVICE ORIENTED: We strive to uphold predisposed empathy for customer’s need and concerns coupled with the desire to meet those needs.
  • P- PROFESSIONALISM: We strict adherence to courtesy, honesty and responsibility when dealing with individuals or companies in the business environment
  • I- INTERGRITY: We uphold truthfulness, accuracy, strong moral principles, uprightness, consistent and ethical standards to all our clients,
  • C- CUSTOMER FOCUS: We pay great attention to the needs and opinions of customers and ensure all aspects of the company, put its customers’ satisfaction first..
  • E- ENTREPRENEURSHIP: We are willing to assist in developing, organizing and managing client business along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.